Mac - Install the cloud printers

Updated Jan 20, 2020

1. Go to

Choose ‘Login’ in the top right corner.

2. Enter your UCL user name and corresponding password.

Choose Login.

3. Hover the mouse over the row, containing the printer you would like to install. Now click on the small arrowhead appearing on the right side of the row.


  • NBA: Niels Bohrs Allé
  • VES: Vestre Engvej
  • STA: Stationsvej KLO:
  • Klostervænget
  • VID: Videnbyen
  • SEE: Seebladsgade
  • BOU: Boulevarden


  • Black (Non-color)
  • Color

4. Choose Install.

5. Choose Confirm ("Tillad")

6. Choose Install

7. Enter your UCL user name and corresponding password.

Note: If you check the ‘Save Password’ box, the entered account is billed for all cloud prints until it has been manually deleted from the MacOS keychain.

8. The printer has been successfully installed.

Choose OK.

You can install multiple printers; simply follow the same steps for any other printer you want installed.

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