Printing account, payment and pricing

Updated Nov 02, 2020

Depositing funds to your account

Using Pcounter EasyPay, students can examine the current funds on their printing account, as well as deposit new funds.

1. Visit the Pcounter EasyPay webpage 

Choose your language by clicking the flags, in the upper right corner

Enter your UCL user name and password.

Choose Login.

2. Here you are presented with your current balance.

NOTE: Once deposited, your money cannot be refunded. They can, however, be transferred to another student.

How to deposit funds

1. Go to Pcounter EasyPay page

Choose English or Danish by the flag icon (this guide shows English).

Enter UCL username and password (same as used for network and itslearning).

Press Login.

2. Your current print/copy balance is shown in Danish currency, kroner (kr).

Press “Deposit Funds”.

3. Choose the amount you want to add. Press the arrow to choose. You can choose 20 kr., 50 kr., 100 kr. or 200 kr.

Press ”Next”

4. In the next picture please read (the ”Here” link) and accept the terms and conditions to com-plete payment (by adding check mark at Ac-cept Terms and Conditions).

Then press ”Complete Payment”.

5. Press on the preferred payment method and fill out all fields.

Finally press “Validate Payment” (this can take a little while).

”Payment accepted” indicates successful pay-ment. Click “Next” to show receipt.

The receipt will also be sent to the UCL email address connected to the account you are adding funds to.


Format Black/white (pricing in DKK) Color (pricing in DKK)
A0 6,50 16,00
A1 3,20 8,00
A2 1,60 4,00
A3 0,80 2,00
A4 + smaller formats 0,40 1,00

Formats A0, A1, and A2 must be printed on a special plotter printer. On Seebladsgade you can install the plotter (SEE020-plotter-B1.24) yourself and print. At Niels Bohrs Allé, you must send the file to Facility Service (, who will then print.

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